Our Eggcellent Site Visit

Glass Egg Digital Media is in a very small, but difficult industry. They make art for video games and they specifically specialize in cars, as they made most of the cars in the games Forza and Need For Speed. Since they are a project-based company, they often have a couple large games that they’re working on at a time. They manage these challenges by having different departments in their company for the cars, mobile, and character artists. The software goes through two levels of managers before going to the client so that the edits can be thorough and the design would be photorealistic. Since the models for cars and faces can be easily copied by Glass Egg, they focus on those areas, even though they have expanded and worked with some fantasy characters that they’ve made from just an idea. Security is another challenge for Glass Egg, as they have had top secret information about huge developments in gaming, like the release of the XBOX One. They almost opened a small second location in Vancouver and they’re still thinking about opening a second location to better accommodate potential clients for time zone and travel differences. Vietnam is isolated, so clients who travel to Vietnam, while they love visiting the beautiful country itself, usually only have meetings with them and have an idea that their partnership is a done deal, rather than going to China and being able to schedule ten or more meetings. The isolation is good in some ways though, as they didn’t have competition until very recently when small scale studios have opened in Vietnam. The charismatic presentation made the site visit one of my favorite things that I’ve done on the trip so far.  In the morning, our lecture on the development of the Mekong Delta really opened my eyes to how many challenges that the biggest source of export income for the country were in. Lunch of tasty ribs, rice, and eggs was quite delicious today and the view from Glass Egg was just spectacular. I can also now say that I am an American, nguoi My, or a student, sinh vien.


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