Big Mac- Big Mood

Today did not go as scheduled, the site visit was cancelled as there were flaws in communication but our group will get to visit Vina Capital later next week. Instead we toured the War Remnants Museum nearby the hotel. The museum was unlike any other I have visited, there were mainly pictures and as expected all facts presented where from the Vietnamese standpoint. It was difficult to see images and read about the mistakes that America made during the Vietnam War.


During the morning, we attended a lecture on Vietnamese culture and history which was interesting and provided a better basis for understanding our experience in Vietnam. My favorite part of the day was having lunch at McDonald’s in District 1. I did not realize how much I missed American food until I ate a Big Mac, it was amazing. Sadly the Vietnamese McDonald’s did not sell sweet tea which is my favorite menu item. The unexpected change in events made today less eventful than the past few, but I am looking forward to the US Consulate visit tomorrow.

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  1. interesting to see that history up close.

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