Today we left for Monteverde, a mountain top city about three hours northwest and 4000 up from our home-stay in Heredia. On the way we left the Central Valley and climbed up a very long, windy, and dusty road to a beautiful resort. But on this journey, there where some major changes in the scenery.

In comparison to Heredia and San Jose, this area is far more rural. There was a lot more livestock and farms than there were people and pavement. It seems less developed and more primitive than the city. Because people are more isolated, it seems they have to be more self sufficient in this part of the country. But once we reached a certain altitude, the dirt road became pavement again and began to feel more like a city again.  I also noticed the signs that certain areas were protected. So many of the farms and parts of the town had to be build around these protected areas.

Costa Rica is far more like the United States than I originally had thought. It has the more developed city areas, then it moves to the more  rural areas just like the United States. The people are very welcoming and friendly to foreigners and the views are incredible.

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