Day 5: So I can’t talk about my parents?

After a very long night (emphasis on the long), we had a learning day. We spent the whole day at Griffith College learning about TalentHub which aims to connect the best people with the best positions in Dublin. We met with Ellie Doyle, who is the founder of TalentHub and she discussed the her tips to succeeding in interviews. So today I have to discuss my strengths identified from the Strengthsfinder. My top 5 strengths were…






Looking at this trip, I don’t really see how competition and strategic relate to this trip because there isn’t much competition or need for strategy on a pre-planned trip that requires all of us to work together. I can see the importance of being a relator on this trip because it allows me to really build relationships with the Irish people and get to know them on a deeper level. I think adaptability is important for this trip because I am able to go with the flow and not freak out when things get out of control. Finally, I think analytical is important for this trip because I am very good at understanding the numbers they throw at us and being able to apply them for a better understanding of a country’s operations.

P.S. Still figuring out this whole talking about parents thing in interviews so if you can give me some tips and why it’s really bad let me know! Also having another nice night. Thanks Liz!


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