A Change in Scenery

This morning, we got up bright and early to begin our trip to Florence. It was a long ride, but I slept most of the way so it wasn’t too bad. Once we arrived, we checked into the hotel then made our way over to the Uffizi Gallery. On the way there, we passed the Florence Duomo, which was absolutely beautiful. In the square outside the duomo, there were hundreds of people and shops, and I even saw some horse carriages! This was very different from the streets we walked in Milan.

At the Uffizi, we were guided around and saw a thousand paintings. It was really interesting to see all the pieces there, as there were many that had a similar purpose with a different viewpoint. For instance, there were dozens of portraits of the Virgin Mary and Jesus, but each one was different, whether it was the perspective, the coloring, or the smaller features. There were also a wide variety of statues throughout the museum. There was a statue of David outside the Uffizi, and I was expecting to see the real one inside but, unfortunately, it was not there. But we did get to see the Birth of Venus, and the office of Medici.

After the gallery, we dined together and were served a delicious pasta with bolognese sauce, along with a plate of veal, sausage, and fresh french fries. When dinner was over, we had some free time and we ended the night with gelato.

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