Day Bốn

The morning began with a Vietnamese History and Culture class. The students put on a mini fashion show for us in their traditional clothes. It was amazing how many different outfits they had for all their occasions. It made me wonder to myself what Americans would do in a fashion show of our traditional clothes if the students were to have visited us at Pitt. I couldn’t think of anything that we have that’s truly American and not influenced by other cultures that we could show. Well, honestly the only thing that came to my mind was yogas/sweatpants and t-shirts, and that’s just sad….

We went to McDonald’s for lunch. So far I’ve been to both a McDonalds in Prague and Rome, both have been so much nicer than America. It did not surprise me that once again the McDonalds here was super nice, and the food actually looked like it does in the pictures and not gonna lie the fried chicken was pretty darn good.


Later in the day had a sadder tone. We visited the war remnants museum, and it did not shine a positive light on Americans in the Vietnam War. It was hard looking at the pictures of Vietnamese children who were affected by agent orange. There were so many images of civilian, women, and child deaths and it’s hard to imagine why such mass killings would ever be okay. I’m not into history so I can’t really speak to what I saw with  a strong understanding of the war facts but it did still make me wonder about the point of the killings of women and children.

On another note its crazy bike time, and a quick heads up to my mom and dad but I may or may not be bringing ALL these cute little puppies back home with me (I promise I’ll take care of them…. well at least till college)


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