It’s all Gucci

I woke up quite refreshed after a good night’s rest and I was glad I wasn’t tired for this busy day. The day started at the Scoula del Cuoio, where we saw the leather factory and school. This place actually used to be a monastery and now it serves as both a leather school and factory. Our tour guide showed us various leather materials, including calfskin, ostrich, and the most expensive material, alligator. After the tour concluded, we were able to purchase items that were made on site in the gift shop and they were also available to get embossed with our initials.


Next, we headed to the Galileo Museum only to find out that our tour had been rearranged to a later time that day. This left us with a few hours to ourselves to explore the city of Florence, and eat some lunch. Lunch was delicious and I enjoyed some homemade pasta with ricotta and spinach. Of course no meal isn’t complete without dessert, so a few of us stopped on the way back to the hotel for some gelato. We couldn’t stay too long in the hotel, because we had a reservation for the Gucci Garden.

Inside the Gucci Garden, there were select rooms with both present and previous Gucci garments. Since the tour was guided, we learned lots about the inspiration behind the garments as well as what time period they were from. I was glad we got to catch this gallery because they change the clothes every three months. Once the tour was over, we went to the gift shop, where I did not purchase anything, and then we departed for the Galileo Museum.

The Galileo Museum was mostly full of science and history items, with the exception of Galileo’s finger. Most of the artifacts were from the Medici family, and we had previously learned about that family in the Uffizi, so it was interesting to see the prominence of this family. In this tour, we also saw the models representing reverse laws of gravity as well as the kinetic ball model. The museum was super close to some pretty scenic views, so of course we stopped to take some pictures. Being that we ate at noon, we were all pretty hungry and stopped to eat dinner. For dinner, I enjoyed a calzone with cheese and mushrooms. Tomorrow I know we have the opportunity to see the Duomo and shop around in the town of Florence. Ciao Ciao Ciao!

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