Culture Flourishes in Florence

Today, we had a lot of free time to explore the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. After yet another delicious breakfast, I shopped near the central plaza with a friend. Even at 9 am, Florence was already bustling with people near the Duomo. We were able to take some photos though which was nice.

Then we met up with the rest of our group for a tour of the Academia Gallery, Central Florence, and the Duomo. It was fascinating to see the Renaissance art — such as David — in the Academia Gallery. We saw beautiful sculptures and paintings here. I found it interesting how much art mirrors the history, culture, and overarching society at that time. Our tour guide emphasized this connection.

As we toured around Central Florence, we eventually got to the Duomo which has the largest dome in the world. This cathedral was absolutely beautiful – massive and a gorgeous architectural masterpiece. I was grateful to be able to go inside the Duomo. We learned about the historical significance of this cathedral. I was in awe over the stain-glasses windows and tall majestic doors.

Afterwards, we had more free time where we shopped and took photos by the river. Then, we enjoyed a delicious dinner nearby our hotel. I am thankful for meeting so many new friends and learning their unique stories. Looking forward to traveling to Verona tomorrow!

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