Day 6: Florence

Despite spending half of the day yesterday sort of sleeping, today was a very long day for me, and unfortunately I was tired from the beginning, which was not the best for our packed day, but I made the best of it- and by that I mean that I after the last event I rushed back to the hotel to take a nap before dinner.
First on our itinerary for the day was to visit the leather factory. There are shops and street vendors that sell leather everywhere in Florence, but this factory is unique because it also has a school attached to it. While we were there we not only saw the school but also watched an artisan craft a very fancy coaster, got to examine different types of animal skin, and (of course) got to buy stuff from their store. I bought a small purse and got my initials in gold on the center from the same man who we watched decorated the coaster, and my eyes lit up when I saw it because I thought it looked great and I was very happy with it.
After our tour of the leather museum, we had a free afternoon for lunch, and some friends and I walked for at least 20 mins just to end up at a place that was five mins from the Gucci museum, which we went to after lunch. The place had a mostly English menu, which was printed in Comic Sans, but the lunch was very good. I had lasagne and bread.
While we stood outside the Gucci museum a man came up to us and told us that the museum was a waste of time and that he only went because his wife insisted. I understand that perspective if you have no interest in fashion, and also the man and his wife probably went through the museum without a tour guide. There are only about six rooms in the Gucci Museum (which the employees which to call a gallery) and we had a tour guide, who I feel like enhanced the quality of our short visit. I also took some good pics. The displays were really well put together.
Last on the agenda for the day was the Galileo Museum. Our tour guide talked to us about specific types of scientific discovery in Italy and/or in Florence. She was very knowledgeable and it’s a shame that we only got to spend an hour with her.





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