What a Day

Today was a long day. To begin with, we visited the Florentine Leather School. I enjoyed seeing how to monogram leather. They showed us how they use the gold and heated tools to achieve the different patterns. At the end, they were even able to monogram some of the souvenirs people bought. We were also shown different types of skins and the differences between each were explained to us. We were also shown how to tell the difference between imitation alligator and ostrich skin and actual alligator and ostrich skin. After we saw a couple more areas in the workshop, we went to see the actual school where students were practicing the techniques they had learned in class. It was all rather fascinating.



Later in the day we were given a tour of the Gucci Garden. Different modern and vintage pieces were on display, as well as works by the different artistic directors. Before going in, I knew nothing about Gucci. I still do not know much, but I am glad I was given some background on the artistic direction of the brand. At the end, we were shown a weird video called The Machine that pretty much no one understood. To each their own, I guess.


Last up was the Galileo Museum. It was most definitely my favorite part of the day. I was intrigued by all the different scientific tools. I liked the room dedicated to physics because it helped me understand the background of some of the topics I have studied in school. The weirdest part of the museum was the display of three of Galileo’s fingers, as well as one of his teeth. The story goes that people had ripped his fingers off because it was considered good luck similar to how the bodies of saints would be treated.


Although today was fun, it was also super long because of all the activities. I am looking forward to tomorrow when we will have more free time. I need a day to relax a little bit more and to do some more exploring.

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