Day 6: Food for Thought

We had another busy day in Dublin filled with class and site visits. We started the day at Griffith College where we learned more about Bord Bia and the people we would be meeting on the site visit. After a quick lunch, we made our way down to Bord Bia. After getting caught in a torrential downpour, we made it to Bord Bia.

At Bord Bia’s beautiful facility we met with a few people within their company, one of them being Tom Tully, the industry talent engineer, who spoke about the mission of the company. Tom made mentions of a term called “Ireland Inc.” and that the firm’s mission was to “evangelize Ireland.” Or in other words, within the food and drink industry, to grow the presence of Irish products in international markets, helping to grow Ireland’s international relevancy. After spending 6 days, you can see this idea of “Ireland Inc.” in many different ways, for example, Ireland is very good at utilizing the resources most available to them, such as mushrooms, and using that as a trade asset. Another example is by seeing how proud many Irish people are of their products from many industries, whether it’s their agriculture or their beer industries, this sense of pride creates a unity within the country that can result in a variety of benefits that can help grow this identity and belief in “Ireland Inc.”

P.S. I’m writing this after my night, so to recap it was another lovely night. Thanks Liz!

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