Day 7: Good Times and Great “Firenze”

This morning we got to sleep in (shocker!!), so by the time we were awake the hotel had stopped serving breakfast.  There is a McDonald’s next to our hotel so we went there and I had a breakfast sandwich.  The breakfast sandwich had Big Mac sauce on it which was a new, mind-blowing concept to me.  Then we went on a tour of the Academia Gallery, and saw the statue of David by Michelangelo.  Although David is the “peak” of the museum, we saw a lot of unfinished Davids in the gallery as well.


Afterwards, we shopped around a few different stores and looked at leather purses, shoes, and other things.  At 5:00, I went to mass at the Duomo.  It was amazing to be surrounded by such beautiful architecture during mass, and now that I went tonight I do not need to go tomorrow to fulfill my holy obligation!  Afterwards, some of us had dinner at a restaurant next to the Duomo.  I am definitely sad to be leaving Florence, but I am excited to see other parts of Italy.


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