Ireland’s Incorporated Pride

Today Plus 3 Ireland ventured over to Bord Bia to discuss recruiting and the company’s mission with the company’s industry talent manager, Tom Tully. Board Bia is considered both a public and private firm and they work to ensure the food of the Irish food market is up to par in terms of quality. The company also works to market and promote Irish foods and produce. To achieve that end, Board Bia pairs up with smaller companies to aid in market research and branding to appeal to international markets. There approach and facility is truly one of a kind but there uniqueness doesn’t end there.

Tom Tully introduced the idea of “Ireland Inc.” and how they live out the concept. The idea is to improve the way Ireland is seen throughout the world and taking advantage of that image in the best way possible. We’ve heard many times on this trip how educated the Irish are as a nation and how much they value education. Board Bia has an program where they pay graduate students tuition and give them a stipend all while they gain experience working for the company. Irish Inc speaks to the sense of pride that the Irish have for their culture and family and I think its great that they’re using that in their business models!

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