Lá sé: Day six – Food For Thought

Today we had a site visit at Bord Bia! Bord Bia is an Irish agency which he aims of promoting sales of Irish food and culture to different countries and in Ireland itself. It acts as a link between Irish producers and their customers worldwide. The name Bord Bia itself is Gaelic for “Irish Food Bord.” The company is beautiful! We got to take a tour of its Innovation room and Thinking Room. The thinking room was my favorite because of the live plants they had on the wall which was a map of the world. During the tour, we received a presentation from industry talent manager Tom Tully. He is evangelizing Ireland by having people invest in Ireland. A piece of this investment is Ireland’s food which is linked to its culture.  An example that I have witnessed about “Ireland Inc.” while being here for almost a week now is the Irish and their whiskey. After visiting Pearce Lyons Distillery, the Irish take great pride in their whiskey and food making. Another very interesting thing about Board Bia is that they have a college program in which they will pay for students to gain certificates in the food industry. The most interesting part about this was that you didn’t have to work for Bord Bia after graduating, but they still have an 80% retention rate. This is another example of Ireland Inc. and how people will work to spread the culture and grow Ireland Inc. This site visit was a great experience to gain another of the Irish culture from a different attribute: food!


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