Day Eight: Verona

Today’s going to be a blog loaded with pictures because even though we’ve only been in Verona since 3, I’ve taken pictures of everything.

We left Florence at about 11 this morning and the ride to Verona was three or four hours. Like on our trip from Milan to Florence, there was a rest stop with real prepared foods. I somehow didn’t talk about this one the blog for Milan to Florence, but those of you that read other blogs, have probably heard about the Italian rest stops. They’re very good. I think I liked the tortellini that I got today at the res better than the tortellini that I got at dinner- but we’re not on dinner right now. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I go back to a Pennsylvania rest stop.

The hotel we’re staying at in Verona might be the best one yet. We’re back to double, which is much better just because coordinating with four different people’s sleeping schedule’s is not ideal. We have this whole extra couch (which Emily really likes as shown in the photo below), a very powerful bidet, and a balcony with a lovely view (although I think I like the view from the Milan balcony slightly better). They even gave us a large bottle of water, which if you’ve been to Italy, you know is a big deal, and they put chocolate on our pillow. Emily and I were so excited that we’re currently hosting a blog writing party from our hotel room.

After enjoying the luxury of our hotel room for a bit, we left for a guided tour of Verona. Honestly, I had never heard of Verona until this trip; my 9th grade English class was the one class that didn’t read Romeo and Juliet for reasons that I don’t remember, but I will definitely be coming back. The city is so beautiful, and I feel like I was just taking pictures of everything. Their mix of historic and modern is very cool. They have marble streets covered with high-end shops and sprinkled with gelateria’s and restaurants, but they also have marble sculptures and a small coliseum called the Arean Di Verona. When our tour guide, who was very knowledgeable and clearly loved Verona, compared the Arena Di Verona to the Coliseum in Rome, he said that the Arena Di Verona was, “smaller, better, and older.” My first day in Rome I went to their Coliseum, and while it is no longer a functional amphitheater, I still found it to be very beautiful inside and out, and as of right now I like it better than the Arena Di Verona (but you all will get an update when I actually go inside the Arena Di Verona).

The last part of our tour took us to the bridge that allowed people to cross the Adige River, which is the second longest river in Italy. The view was absolutely beautiful. I took so many photos, and “joked” (quotes because it’s not a joke, it’s happening) to Emily that we have to do “photo shoot by a bridge part 2.” If there was nothing to do in this city besides sit and stare at that river I would be perfectly ok with that. The reality is that there’s a lot but I’m definitely going back to that river at some point.

After our tour, we got a welcome dinner, which we weren’t originally supposed to have, but since we were able to get into the Gucci Museum for free, they decided to give us a gift. The dinner was very good. I’m especially glad that we missed the worst parts of the rain because of being inside the restaurant maybe two hours. Hopefully, it doesn’t rain tomorrow when we go on our day trip to Venice.

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    Sounds like a wonderful time. Enjoy!!!

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