Foreign Investment Influence in Costa Rica

Today we had the honor of exploring Costa Rica’s famous Cloud Forest.  The second we arrived, we were greeted by the enchanting presence of the mix of secondary and primary rain forests.  This is a beauty which needs to be preserved, as many of the wildlife and plant life native to the area has become endangered or extinct due to global warming and the effects of foreign investments.  In order to effective protect such areas, it requires the corporations of the Quakers, local farmers, and the various companies interested in developing the regions. As a whole, their work negatively effects surrounding ecosystems, whether through deforesting the region in order raise cattle and grow their crops, or through the emission of harmful greenhouse gases during the various manufacturing processes.  Thus, it is only through collective cooperation that areas rich in bio-diverse plant and wildlife may be preserved for generations to come.

Through the cooperation of foreign investors and local companies, the Costa Rican economy benefits as a whole as money flows in through the tourism industry. The cloud forest, for example, has risen to become one of the most popular sights for forested tours, especially in central america.  Throughout Monteverde especially, foreign influences has become quite common. North American and European influence exists throughout, and Mexican and Chinese companies have invested heavily in the cheese and hotel industries respectively. As a whole I see this as beneficial, as it allows the areas which tourist activity is prevalent to become further developed, aiding the tourism industry in Costa Rica as a whole.  These investments only stop being beneficial once the development of the area damages the surrounding ecosystems, which attracts much of the tourist activity to begin with. Specifically, the Quakers have greatly benefited Costa Rica through their arrival, not only through their large role in founding Monteverde as popular destination, but also through educating the public of Monteverde through their schools. As a whole, foreign investments have the potential to greatly benefit a given country, when there are proper regulations and limits on their use of resources.  It is so crucial that companies interested in developing an area also invest in sustaining the area for future generations.

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