Hello Verona!

Today we left Florence and headed over to Verona. It was another long bus ride, but it seemed to go by quickly since I slept most of the way. Once we got to Verona, we checked into the hotel then got ready to go on a walking tour. This was definitely the best tour we’ve had yet! All of the streets were so colorful and stunning. We saw the Arena, which was so much bigger than I imagined, and the house of Juliet. As we were walking from one to the other, we passed a variety of different shops and restaurants. I can’t wait to walk around more and actually browse the stores! The tour guide then took us to a bridge that had an absolutely breath-taking view. There were gorgeous buildings on both sides of the river, and the water looked really pretty too. This was probably my favorite spot so far on the trip.

Once the tour was finished, we walked to dinner, where we got a 6 course meal! The first dish was a little plate of proscuitto and fruit. Then we got two different types of pasta: a penne with red sauce, and a tortellini with a creamy white sauce. After the pasta, we got french fries and then a salad. Next, we had some veal that came with carrots and a light gravy. For dessert, we all had gelato. It was a very filling meal, but I ate almost everything! After dinner we simply went back to the hotel, because we were all so tired.

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