A VEry NICE Day Trip

This morning, we left Verona on a train to Venice. When we arrived, we took a water taxi to ports where we could get onto gondolas. The water taxi ride was actually really cool because it was super comfortable and had nice windows that we could see the beautiful canals and buildings. The gondola ride was even cooler because we rode through narrower canals and got to see even more of the city. It’s such a crazy concept that a city can have no cars and have waterways for streets. It was so interesting seeing how different Venice is compared to other cities we’ve visited in Italy.

When we got off the gondola, we had free time to go enjoy lunch on our own. A couple friends and I found a great restaurant that had a really good deal on pasta that included a side. I got lasagna with a salad and it really hit the spot because I was starving. We then stopped for gelato (as usual) and walked around to take in the sights. We took a lot of pictures too because the scenery was so nice.

The whole group then met up again for a walking tour of Venice. We saw many cool sites including Piazza San Marco, or St. Mark Square, that is home to the basilica of St. Mark. We walked for quite some time, admiring different buildings, bridges, squares, and waterways.

Luckily, we had even more free time after the tour, so we got another delicious meal. I had a pizza with spicy salami which was really tasty. The workers are the restaurant were trying to joke with us but the humor was definitely lost in translation because none of us really understood. It seemed almost like they were making fun of us, but we kind of just laughed it off. After dinner, we had enough time to go shopping. Venice has so many unique, small shops as well as larger retail stores. I really liked one Italian glass store that had everything from plates to figurines to jewelry.

We then headed back to Verona by train, and I’m looking forward to having almost a whole free day here tomorrow to explore!

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