O Teach Me How to Forget to Think

Despite the rain, chilly weather, and a cold that has left me without much of a voice, I still had an amazing day in Verona!

We woke up early so we could get into Juliet’s House. It was a lot of fun to explore her house with its unique artifacts such as clothes, a bed, and quotes. We even got a chance to channel our inner Juliet and step out onto her balcony!

After browsing through some shops around the plaza, it was finally time to climb the clock tower: Torre dei Lamberti — all 282 steps — for a view which made the steep climb so worth it! It was a worthwhile adventure…and trust me, going down is a breeze and going up is part of the experience!

Later, we met up with the rest of our group to visit a business involved with the Verona Consortium: Mero and More. Leaders of both the consortium and the specialized business: Mero and More, presented to us regarding how they approach business. The Verona Consortium is a collaborative company which aims to protect and further the business ventures of smaller, more specialized companies such as Mero and More.

Mero and More allows entrepreneurs, artists, and designs a chance to prove themselves within the Italian fashion industry — specifically within the local region encompassing Verona and Venice. However, the Verona Consortium facilitates collaboration and cooperation so that individual smaller companies can withstand competition from large-scale companies.

They also emphasized how the dream is more important than business itself. I find this methodology admirable and it is important to note that these small companies reach success because of the collaborative strategy that the Verona Consortium promotes. We finished the day with a delicious buffet dinner at Mero and More.

As we are reaching the end of our time in Italy, I feel honored to have learned so much already about the fashion industry and its complex supply chain. I’m excited for the next few days as we wrap up an incredible program! Ciao!

PS: Pitt Plus3 Italy made the local news! We’re famous?!

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