RIP in piece Verona

Our last day in Verona was fantastic and I’m sad we have to leave so soon.  However, I had a great time here so I can’t really complain.  Today, we explored the city during a free morning, visited a fashion consortium during the afternoon, and had family dinner afterwards.

This morning, I chose to get up early and explore some more of the city of Verona.  First, we traveled to one of the bell towers and got a fantastic, panoramic view of the city.  You could see all the way to the skyline, which was completely flat (no curvature… 🤔) and it was truly amazing to see just how far the city and its outskirts stretch for.  We got a nice workout by climbing the steps to the top.  Afterwards, we traveled to the top of a hill just over the river and got another spectacular view.  This area was very quaint and there were many old stone buildings, which I enjoyed a lot.

In the afternoon, we visited the Italian fashion consortium which was certainly interesting.  I already knew most of the stuff they were talking about because of a class I took last semester but it was interesting to hear about the same topics from an Italian perspective.  The presenters liked to have sidebars with each other in their native tongue so I got a bit lost at certain moments.  Then, we toured their facility and had time to view their shop.  It was all clothes for girls so I was pretty bored.  I was not bored during dinner, however, and ate a ton of pizza, sandwiches, and lasagna.  When we returned to the hotel, I opted to go for another walk through the city and was able to walk around a local castle and an attached bridge.  The castle was one of my favorite things in Italy thus far.  Tomorrow we will do many company visits and then return to Milan.

One thing I learned about fashion in Italy is that there are many, many small businesses across the country.  Each town has it’s own shoe shop and clothes/tailor shop.  These usually are small family run operations, not chains.  This is different from the USA because there are a lot more chain stores that would serve that purpose.

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