Holy Cannoli

Today our group started the day by taking one last walking tour of Milan.  We got to see some of the commercial city, and got to walk through the Excelsior mall.  The mall is seven stories tall and filled top to bottom with only the highest quality luxury brands.  One of the seven floors was devoted to men’s clothing, which was pretty cool to browse through.  Browsing was about all that I could do though, as the one Gucci jacket that I particularly liked turned out to be worth nearly 3,000 Euros.  Nevertheless, it was still a fun experience to look around such a high end place.  We saw clothing, shoes, and accessories that would be fit to garnish even the classiest models.

After the walking tour, we all had a group lunch that consisted of risotto and pork.  It was very good, and I am sad that our last group meal will be tomorrow for lunch, I have really enjoyed them.  Following lunch, we had some free time before a company lecture.  I used this time to explore the castle of Milan and to find a cannoli shop that was recommended by our tour guide Lorenzo.  It took us a while to find, but it was well worth it.  I even tried a cannoli coffee, which might not have been the best coffee ever, but it was worth trying once.

Once we met back up after getting cannoli, we had a speaker from the Velasca shoe company.  The lecture was very motivational especially since Velasca was just a small startup company 4 years ago.  Now they sale luxury quality shoes for relatively affordable prices.  The speaker told us how they focus their marketing techniques to attract a specific type of customer that their observations have shown to be the best fit for their product.  Specifically, they target 25-40 year old men who want to feel and look stylish, but not spend their life’s savings on one pair of shoes.  They sale their shoes for about 200 Euros a pair, which is about one-third of the price of similar models of other designer shoes.  We got to see a few of their advertisements, and I can see how they are so successful, I know I wanted to own a pair.  The speaker also talked about several different business models such as the business to business and business to customer models.  She explained how your marketing techniques need to be tailored to your audience in order to make the best impact in them specifically.  Overall, it was a very informative lecture, and it was extremely interesting.

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