Day Eleven

This morning we packed up all of our stuff onto the bus to head back to Milan. The bus that we ended up taking was the Verona soccer team’s bus. While we were driving, so many people stopped to take pictures of our bus which was pretty funny. Before we got to Milan, we stopped at a few places. The first was a logistics company that was similar to Amazon. It was really interesting to see the factory and learn about how they packaged and sent out all of their goods.

The next place we saw was the tailoring company, Confezioni Cavour. This company tailors suits and jackets. They are suppliers to other companies such as Ralph Lauren. It was amazing to see how successful they are considering their factory is so disorganized and very chaotic.

After that, we got a break for lunch at a nice restaurant. We sat right by the water and we were able to see some swans while we ate. For lunch there was a meat and cheese plate, tortellini, and tiramisu for dessert. This was definitely one of my favorite lunches because of the amazing food and the view!

Next, we visited the Mario Faroni Knitwear company. I really liked this company because sweaters are one of my favorite pieces of clothing to wear. We learned all about the process of making knitwear, and we had a tour of their factory. Upstairs, they had large rooms filled with racks and racks of clothing organized by color. Sadly, we weren’t able to buy any of the items, but I enjoyed looking around.

Finally, we arrived back to Milan and we were ready to go get dinner. We didn’t have much of a plan, but since it was pouring, we picked the closest restaurant to our hotel. The service wasn’t that great, but the food was good and not too expensive! After dinner, I fell asleep right away because of the long day that we had.

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