Dublin in 3 years!

Today we had our last guest speaker. I can’t believe that we officially finalized all of our company visits and lectures. The presentation was about IDA Ireland, a semi-state government body with non-commercial functions. It has been working since 1970 to attract foreign investment into Ireland from all over the world. IDA only works with internationally traded companies that come from large and economically stable countries. They have around 17 offices around the world, mainly in Europe, USA, China and India. It was very interesting to learn about their marketing strategies to attract new investments. Some of these strategies are talent and skills, low corporate tax rate, ease of doing business, good education system and a track record of growth of the economy. Finally, it was interesting to hear that 15% of Ireland’s work force is made up of international workers and that Ireland value having employees from different parts of the world.

If we were coming back to Dublin in 3 years, I will definitely image seeing some changes to the city. In a positive aspect, I will see more people from different parts of the world living in Dublin or visiting the city for some time. Second, there will be new buildings in the Tech hub of Dublin, and those occupied by multinational firms or large Irish firms. Also, more buildings for people to live in, especially for younger generations. Third, there will be more places to interact with other cultures such as restaurants and language classes. Finally, I will see that the companies we visited met their targets and creating new projects for the future. For example, Enterprise Ireland will have reach their goal of having 30% of women creating their own business. Also, an increase in exports of food and drinks from Bord Bia and Amazon marketing an Alexa robot human size.

In a negative aspect, the city will feel very crowded and overwhelmed. There will be more traffic and it will take more time to get from one place to another. Probably an increase in contamination and less green areas in the city. There will be more competition for getting a job into a multinational because people are getting more educated these days and there will be less openings in those companies in the future. Finally, with an increase in foreigners living in Dublin, it will be harder for tourists to see Irish culture while walking on the streets because there will be a mix of Irish places with international ones. I am very interested to see if my predictions of Dublin will become true in the next couple of years.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral will look the same in 3 years!

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