Arrivederci Italy!

Today was sadly our last day in Italy, and I am going to miss it but am looking forward to going home. To start the day, we took the subway to the Milan Fashion Library. This is a documentation center that holds archives of past magazines, books of trends, and notebooks. It is a private library that aspiring designers can go to and look through to get inspiration. They even had magazines that dated all the way back to the 19th century, which was pretty interesting to see.

After the library, we had our last group lunch together at a really cool restaurant. After some packing, some of us went to the Duomo for some shopping and dinner, since we wanted to spend the rest of our Euros before heading back home. We ended the evening with one final gelato stop.

These past two weeks have gone by so fast and I can’t wait to come back to Italy again some day. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity and am fortunate enough to have met some great friends too!Italy12.3.jpg


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