Last day in Milano

Today we went to the fashion library of Milan. I did not think I would like this visit so much just because I thought all we would be doing is reading books. However, I was completely wrong! The library was filled with 70,000 magazines and books with fashion styles and trends. Their archive dates back to the 19th century fashion trends. They have magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, and a ton of look books. Many students and designers go to the library in order to get inspiration and just to look at previous fashion trends. It was cool to look at some of the old fashion trends. I looked at a magazine with runway looks from 1995 (close to when I was born) and I recognized some of the trends. Over all I think it was a cool experience! We also got a couple magazines to take home so that will give me something to do on the airplane.

After the library visit, we had our last group dinner together. We had veil and risotto and it was very good! We also got a little chocolate dessert. It was good to have one last dinner with everyone. I will miss so many people from this trip. I definitely made some awesome friends.

We had a free afternoon so we came back to the hotel and took a little nap before dinner. We went to the Duomo and spent some excess euros on clothes. We ate dinner at a small restaurant which was not the best but I didn’t mind. After we got really good gelato so it made up for the dinner! Tonight, my plan is to pack my suitcases and make sure I am all ready to make the journey home tomorrow!


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