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After two weeks in Ireland, I feel I know the country fairly well. Especially the city of Dublin and the enterprises located here. The current economic environment involves a high real estate demand and a lack of buildings to accommodate. The result is expensive, competitive pricing for office space and housing. The suburbs of Dublin are expanding as more and more people get jobs in the city center, but cannot afford to live nearby. Traffic in the city is increasing due to commuters. The city infrastructure is not made for this much traffic and in the coming years, this will certainly pose a problem

This begs the question: if I am to return to Dublin in a few years, what changes might I see? First, I want to acknowledge that the economic environment can change in the blink of an eye. Ireland is very dependent on the US’s economy. Darren put this idea into practice, stating that “When the US sneezes, Ireland catches a cold.”  Beyond this, changes from Brexit will also impact the small island’s economy. In summary, there are many dependent unknown factors and I could be completely wrong. But here are my two cents.


First, IDA Ireland (the state agency promoting MNCs) suggested that given a few years, the digital workforce will increase. To me it makes sense that the amount of people working from home will increase. This would be beneficial to the city, decreasing traffic and increasing accessibility to great talent without worries of relocation. Next, Ireland itself will continue to see an uptick in technological business as talent relocates to the area. These business will spread across the country to cities such as Cork and Galway. If we were to do another Plus3 Transfer: Ireland trip, we might find ourselves traveling beyond Dublin to major companies.

Another point of interest is the “talent war” going on in Ireland. I believe that in a few years, Ireland may have to accommodate companies looking for more talent by loosening immigration laws. In doing so, Ireland will become more diverse and the economy will benefit from increased sales due to a greater population.

Overall, I would be thrilled to have a chance to revisit Ireland. I have never felt more proud of and connected to my heritage. In three years, a lot can change. The culture of the people and their supportive nature, however will not. That is what will drive me to return.

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