Ireland Day 11

Over the past two weeks we have learned a variety of things pertaining to business in Ireland and the country as a whole. The main area that seems to be continuing to grow is the technology sector of the country. If we were to come back after 3 years, I think that technology in Dublin will still be on the rise for sure. The economy in Ireland has grown due to the technology and I think that Dublin will continue to grow as a technology hub. It was obvious that this technology boom was occurring when we went with Darren to the Docklands and were able to see first hand the new companies that have been moving into the area.

Even though this technology boom is certainly good for Ireland’s economy, I think it could potentially pose some problems for the culture here. As we have observed during our trip, culture and national pride is a huge thing here in Ireland. If international companies continue to come into Dublin to be apart of the technology hub I could see this sense of authentic Irish culture diminishing. Gaelic is already hardly used here and in three years I believe that new signs that come up will no longer even have the Gaelic translation because it will die out. More international companies moving in means moving towards a culture that could seemingly be similar to the United States. Instead of being primarily Irish and full of Irish culture Dublin could possibly become much more diverse. I personally do not see this potential diversity as a problem but after listening to a variety of people speak about how much they love their Irish culture, heritage, and history I think it could pose a problem for the citizens of Ireland.

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