Hello Milan

Today we went on a few site visits. First we visited a logistics center for the place we visited yesterday. There they gave us a presentation on the logistics of the company. We learned about their factory and how they get the products from production to end consumer. They stressed the organization of their warehouse and how every box is marked with a bar code.

After that we visited a tailoring company which had a lot of beautiful suits. They talked about the production of the suits. They also talked about the passion a person has to have to work in their line of work. All the suits we saw would be sold to bigger distributors, who would sell them directly to the end consumer. They then gave us snacks and we left for the next site visit.

We then visited MF1 which is a designing company that sold their designs to companies like Gucci and Prada. All of what they designed was very cool and edgy. The building that they worked in was very cool and well designed. There we toured the building and heard all about the producing of designs and prototypes. All the designers have all the materials and resources that they could ever ask for.

We then had lunch in a small nice town. We walked around it for about ten minutes after lunch then departed for Milan. For some reason we were on a specific soccer team’s bus. Many people were looking inside to see if they could see players but were disappointed to see us. We also got a lot of thumbs down and mean faces. I think we were in the wrong part of Italy for that team. Nevertheless, I’m happy to be back in Milan.

Sorry that this posted so late, the wifi at the last hotel was terrible.

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