Day 13: Austria

Today was the last day of our trip. While we were all very upset about this, we really made the most of it. We started at 7:45 this morning where we took a train to Munich and then from Munich to Salzburg, Austria. The travel time in total was between 3 and 4 hours. What amazed me was that the tickets, round trip from Augsburg to Munich to Salzburg and back were 10 euro total!! I can barely travel from New Jersey to Pennsylvania for this amount let alone another country!! I was a little bummed that they don’t stamp our passports because the stamp would’ve been cool but it did speed up the travel time so we got to see more sights in the beautiful city.

Salzburg is definitely on my top five list of the most beautiful places I’ve been in my lifetime. The entire day I found myself snapping pictures of everything I saw, but none of the pictures I took can even come close to what the actual views were like. Among the sights we saw were many of the places that were settings for scenes in the Sound of Music. I’ve never seen this movie but after today I will definitely be looking for it! We also hiked/climbed up to the fortress, but we couldn’t go inside. The views from up here were spectacular and again, no photo can do them justice. We visited Mozart’s birthplace, and in case you had doubts, enjoyed an ice cream cone. Ice cream in Europe is great because it is so small and so cheap. A cone usually consists of one scoop and is about 1 euro. It’s the perfect little snack! For dinner, we quickly scarfed down our last döner of the trip before catching the train back. I will definitely miss these delicious sandwiches.

Our travels today made me really appreciate the experiences I’ve had on this trip, as well as all of the people I’ve shared it with. As I looked around today, I was amazed by the fact that just two weeks ago, I’d never met most of these people before. Now, I can’t imagine this trip without them. Tomorrow we’re all parting and heading our separate ways for the summer, but I really hope to stay in contact and see everyone back at Pitt.

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