Second to last day

Today in Milan we went on a walking tour of a part of the city we had not seen yet. We learned more about the impact fashion has on the city. We got to tour a store that was doing very well in Milan. It had five floors. The first floor was all technology, the second was the mens section, the third was the women section, the fourth was women’s shoes, and the final floor was women’s accessories. It was a very hip store with a cool feel to it.

After that we went to a restaurant for lunch. We had the linguini and some type of meat that no one could name. It was good. The ISA agent and I had a discussion about why Italians like sparkling water so much and why they drink so little water in general. His explanation was that the sparkling had more flavor to it and they didn’t drink a lot of water because they drink wine instead.

We then went back to the hotel and I napped for a few hours. After that we had a lecture about a hand making shoe company and how they advertise to the public. The presenter talked about the advantages and disadvantages of hand making shoes. Some related to costs and some related to luxury. A few of us then took the metro to the canal and had dinner and gelato there. It was very good.

Sorry that this posted so late, the wifi at the last hotel was terrible.

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