Ireland Day 13

My overall personal highlights from our trip were visiting the Cliffs of Moher and getting to know more people in the business school. The Cliffs were by the far the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in nature. As far as meeting business students, none of the people that I am close with at Pitt are in the business school. This program allowed for me to make friends that I will likely see pretty frequently walking around Sennott!

I learned many things from this trip but the main takeaways for me were make connections (networking), go with the flow, and invest your money in new experiences. Making connections with new classmates as well as the employees at the various site visits we went on allows for us to grow personally and professionally. As we are all aware of, on this trip there were some times where plans were rearranged or didn’t go exactly as planned. Even though I am a type A person who likes to have everything planned out, this trip taught me that it is okay to just go with the flow. Everything will work out just fine. This trip also gave me a new perspective on traveling and investing in new experiences. This trip was life changing for me because it was my first experience leaving the country and I know that I will certainly be traveling more now because of this trip. I learned that I would rather invest in experiences than objects. As far as how this has changed me as a professional, I think it has given me more confidence in the business world. I now have experiences with employees in Dublin and I will be able to look back on these experiences and see in which ways they can help me improve my professional skills. It is always nice to see a new culture and new perspective on things and these past two weeks have definitely done that for me.

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