Present your final thoughts

As we wrap up our time in Dublin, we are assigned a company to present a PEST analysis on while showing how this company could relate to any major in the CBA school. Presenting can be a very nerve racking experience if one is not good at public speaking. Personally, I find that I am particularly good at using my public speaking skills to be vocal and heard by all of the audience. I also love to setup the visual part of the presentation and make it look visually appealing. I believe memorizing all of your points you want to make while speaking is the hardest part. You can’t put every word you want on the slide (people will fall asleep.) I like to put cues in my slides to remind myself to speak about something, but sometimes I still forget. If I could choose one skill to improve in, I would like to be able to extend my thoughts. I am very short and sweet when it comes to explaining/talking about a subject. Sometimes I need to slow down and remember everything I wanted to speak about while adding in some extra comments. After presenting my Plus3 Ireland presentation, I have learned that a slide can have very few words, but the words can mean more than having a slide with every little word you want to speak about. Putting bullet points in the slide that allow you to remember points being made was something that was very useful. Overall, I need to practice more with my content I am presenting, but I feel that my public speaking skills are good. IMG_1577.jpg

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