Peace out Ireland

This trip was way better than I could have hoped for.  I never could have imaged the wealth of knowledge I could have gained from this trip.  Culturally I learned so much about the Irish people and their businesses.  I learned how much about how they care about relationships and really getting to know a person.  They love their culture and history and will share it with everyone.  I really admire their work ethic and all they do for the country.  Takeaways from this trip have been overall knowledge of the Irish, globalization, business, and friendships.  I think as a person I was able to work well under pressure in a foreign environment on several occasions and did a great job.  Additionally, I learned that I don’t want to work for a big corporate company during this trip.  As we visited companies like Bord Bia, I found myself extremely impressed in their work space and culture as a company.  I think professionally I would excel in a smaller type of consulting company like Bodr Bia and I am happy this trip allowed me to experience that.


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