Day 12: Delphi ICE and AmCham

Our last company visits were today. It was also another day closer to us getting home. I could not believe how fast time was passing by, especially at this moment which was towards the end of our trip. We were visiting two companies for the day. Our first trip was to Delphi ICE. This company worked a lot with cars. We took a really in-depth tour of their warehouse and the different things they were working on. It was more of an engineering-based site visit. A lot of the various rooms we entered had to do with mechanical engineering. For example, they were doing a lot of work on cars and testing different things out on various cars. I’m a business major so most of the stuff at this site visit did not exactly match my career pursuits, but all the engineers in our group seemed to really enjoy this site visit since it was the most relevant to their career pursuits.

For the next site visit we went to the same location as the Chinese Acrobatic show we saw the other day. However, instead of seeing a show we were visiting another company. This company was the AmCham. What they do specifically is work with American companies placed within Shanghai and help ensure their place within the Chinese market and economy. To be more specific, their company serves about 1,500 companies, over 3,000 customers with about 102 years of influence in China. This chamber is one of the largest ones in Shanghai. Our lectures for this company visit spoke a lot on finance and political issues in China. The part that I enjoyed a lot about the lecture was that Hank, one of the men who spoke to us, gave us a very real understanding on what it is like to live in Shanghai while being from America. He started his career by just being a Chinese major and now he’s been in China for many years. He also helped explain how things that during the course of our trip may have surprised us and confused us is like everyday nature now that he has been living in China for an extended period of time. During this lecture a lot of topics came up such as the effects of the recent trade war and how we all thought it affected companies more than it actually does. Also, we learned about the impact on the gun violence and how less Chinese citizens want their children to study abroad in the United States because of it. The lecture was not what I expected and took a different turn from the previous lectures we had, but I feel like the group really drove it to talk about issues and questions we’ve all had since the start of our time in China.

That night we wanted to eat something else different. We all went to a nearby Mexican restaurant called the Cantina and got quesadillas. It was really good, I would totally be suggesting going if at the end of your China trip you are also feeling a little tired of Chinese food.

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