Day 7: Free Time in Munich

Today we headed back to the train station to take the regional rail to Munich.  The train pulled in and was absolutely packed.  Our group boarded, squeezing into one of the rear cars with standing room only.  I looked around the train and noticed everyone on the train was dressed in red. It was game-day.  FC Bayern Munich, one of the biggest football clubs (soccer teams) in the entire world, who play in the German Bundesliga 1st Division, had a home game against Stuttgart.  Nearly everyone else on the train was a fan heading into Munich for the game and it created a lively atmosphere at 9:30am.  A few stops into the ride we attempted to get off the train and board a new car further ahead that had more room.  Every car we checked was packed full and there was no room for us to get back on.  We began running to each car trying to get the doors open but all of them were locked, even the doors to our original compartment.  The train began to pull away and we were left stranded on the platform.  However, not everyone had gotten off so while we waited for the next train, Dr. Feick and a few other students got off at the next stop to wait for us.  Overall, I thought the situation was pretty amusing.

We made it to Munich with the slight delay and met the tour guide almost on time.  The tour began in Marienplatz, the main square in Munich which is home to the world famous Glockenspiel.  The tour brought us to St. Peter’s Church, the market, the Hofbrauhaus, and ended back in Mariensplatz.  We then were left with several hours of free time to explore the city.  While I really wanted to go to the Bayern Munich game, there really wasn’t enough time and I wanted to explore the city.  Nearly the whole group headed to the Hofbrauhaus for lunch.  The food was incredible and the entire hall was massive, easily seating hundreds of people.  We then split up from there, with AJ and I deciding to walk down Maximilianstraße with all the expensive brands and stores.  It was crazy to see how much money some of the items cost, including a watch I saw for €219,000.

We walked around a bit more until it was time to meet back up with the group.  Then, as a group we walked to dinner which was at a really cool burger restaurant that had birch trees growing throughout the inside of the restaurant.  They had some very interesting burger options with toppings that aren’t normally combined in the U.S. and I cleaned my plate.  After dinner we began our walk back to the train station.  About 5 blocks away, we realized there was a train leaving in 5 minutes or we’d have to wait so then began our run for the train.  We all made it with about 1 minute to spare.  The trip to Munich was a great day overall, being able to observe and take in many aspects of German culture.


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