Day 11: First Last


Today, the only thing on the agenda was final company presentations at 5:30 pm.  This gave me an opportunity to sleep in, but I made sure to be awake in time for the last 15 minutes of breakfast.  I was not the only one with a similar idea because several other people were in the breakfast area when I got downstairs.  I ate my typical 4 crescents and bowl of fruit.  After breakfast, I changed into my business clothes for the presentation and attempted to organize the chaos that was my suitcase.  I wanted to pack as much of my stuff as possible since I knew the next few days were long, and I wanted to maximize my time for sleeping.  Since I did not have a roommate, most of my stuff had been spread out on every surface in the room.  I wanted to consolidate my clutter into my suitcase and make sure my new souvenirs would fit in my suitcase as well.  My group was meeting to grab lunch in the Mensa at the University of Augsburg before practicing our presentation.  This was our last time getting lunch in the Mensa.  I managed to not completely fill my tray and was able to eat most of the food on my plates.  Next, we went to meet up with the rest of our group and find a place to practice.  While walking into a building, many students were leaving, and we were unable to get through.  Like in America, the students on had one door open.  However, the other door would not open, as we had tried to open it to get through.  I found this odd because in America, both doors would work, but people would only use one side by choice.  After entering the building, we found a table to practice at.  We practiced the presentation until it was time to meet to watch everyone present.  I thought that I would find the presentations boring, but I enjoyed listening to each group present.  My group was presenting last, so I had time to solidify what I wanted to say during the other presentations.  After the 3rd group, we were given a break to walk around before the next group presented.  Finally, it was our turn to present!  To start, we had a video of a KUKA robot being used as a bartender that we wanted to show, but we were unable to get the video to work.  I thought that my group did a fantastic job with our presentation after the initial mishap.  After our presentation, it was time to leave the University of Augsburg.  Many of us went to an Italian restaurant for dinner.  I sat with Kayla, Grant, and Josh who are all engineers.  At one point during dinner, my table was discussing something nerdy and the table of business students next to ours pointed out that our conversation was clearly indicating that we were all engineers.





Dog Counter: I saw 3 dogs today!


Low of the Day:

To choose the order for the presentations, Dr. Feick had a member from each group choose a piece of paper with a number on it.  My group was ready and hoping to draw a 1.  However, we drew a 5 which meant we would be presenting last.


High of the Day:

I was able to order pizza without cheese at the Italian restaurant.


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