Day 13: Farewell Yu

Our visit here in China is almost coming to an end and I’m a little sad to leave but I have been missing home. This morning we are going to the famous Yu Garden. I remember being very excited about this visit because I had heard about how beautiful the garden was and I was eager to see. Well, today was the day! When we got there, we had o walk through a neat street to get to the actual Yu garden. I thought it was cool because as we were walking through you could see clothing lines everywhere which showed you that real people lived around this huge tourist attraction. Finally, when you get to the garden entrance the scene instantly changes. The area was so beautiful. As we walked through the garden we saw so many beautiful flowers, plants, ponds, temples, and decorative pathways. Our tour guide explained to us that there were certain things in a garden that made them have good luck. He explained that some of those elements included stones, koi fish, zigzag bridges, and pagodas. I thought that was fascinating to learn.

The Yu Garden is in the old Shanghai which is very different from the tall and shiny new Shanghai that we’ve been seeing the past few days. Something I found very interesting was how in the garden as you look at these ancient buildings and temples you can sometimes see these towers in the background. It’s a quite interesting contrast but I like it because it just resembles how through all of China’s major development over these many years, they still preserve and protect their history and culture.

When we got to the end of the garden, there was a huge market street at the end with shops selling a lot of souvenirs, clothes, and food. There was even a street where people were performing. We all walked around for a while. This was fun because I got to bargain again. I actually ended up buying more souvenirs for myself and others. I even went to Dairy Queen. I’ve never even had Dairy Queen in the States so that’s an interesting fact I can share with others now. After everyone got a chance to look around and maybe get some food to eat, we headed back to the hotel and just like that it was the end of our last cultural visit in China.

Later in the afternoon we had our business idea presentations. We walked down the street to a different hotel and did our presentations in a meeting room there. It felt so official. Afterwards we had our last farewell dinner together at a restaurant by the hotel. I thought that was sad because it was the last time we would all just be together. We had an amazing meal and we all went around the tables and talked about our experience here in China. After we finished our meal we walked back to the hotel for our last night in China.


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