Day 10: Last University Visit

Today, we visited the East China University of Science and Technology! As we walked onto campus, it felt like a little town. The dorms looked like apartment buildings, and you could see a convenience store down the street. We entered the College of International Education where we received a presentation by Professor Dr. Regina Huang. Dr. Huang explained to us that the one thing that is not fully open in China is its finance market. It was interesting to listen to her opinion regarding the “trade war” between the US and China, and how the Chinese desire a win-win for both sides. She briefly mentioned President Xi Jinping’s step-by-step journey to becoming the most powerful person in China. President Xi Jinping is pushing forward anti-corruption policies, and while most people think he is good, people doubt him because he got rid of the term limitations.

After the presentation, we were greeted by local students who all have English-related majors. I met Christine who led me and Kevin to lunch. Their cafeteria was not as big as Market’s, but definitely rivals Market in how busy it is. I want to try anything, so Christine recommended to me this special beef noodle soup. In addition to his lunch, Kevin got this dish made out of egg whites, which was very tasty. Due to the blazing heat, we all headed to the nearby convenience store and got ice cream afterward; that mango ice cream was very refreshing. Then, we went back to the classroom to play some games. The first game involved passing around the Chinese hacky sack to some music, and whoever ended up with it when the music stops had to do a trick, dance, or sing. Unfortunately, the hacky sack landed to me, so I danced to the cotton eye joe. Before we left, I got to play around with the Chinese hacky sack with Jane.

When we got back to the hotel, I played mahjong with three other people. One of the had bought a mahjong set in the market. I am aware that there are different ways of playing mahjong due to different cultures, so I wasn’t too surprised when they set up the game differently. We played several rounds until we were notified that our bubble tea arrived at the hotel. This was the first time I had bubble tea on the trip and it did not disappoint. Soon, I went with a group to find soup dumplings for dinner before the meetup time for the Chinese acrobatics show. We almost were late, but we made it just in time for the show. Each performance was amazing; it’s different seeing an act in person and just from a video. I really liked seeing the acts with the Chinese yo-yo, the big loop, all the contortion acrobatics, and especially the comedy duo. After the show, most of us wanted to explore more of Shanghai. We walked along Nanjing West Road, which had beautiful lights on each tree for blocks. We ended up walking all the way back to the hotel, which unfortunately was about 3 miles.

I’m really glad to have met Christine at the university and to have witnessed the Chinese acrobatics show in person today.

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