Day 11: Delphi & AmCham Visit

Today was yet another business day. We first visited Delphi technologies. Based on the name, I thought it would be another tech company like Xiaomi which had many diverse products ranging from phones to TV’s. There was a concise presentation and we got to hear from a Pitt graduate school alum. It was really nice seeing someone who went to my school come and make it big in China.

Because China feels so different to me in terms of culture, way of life, language, and many other aspects, I always worried about eventually moving there. Everyone says China is one of the fastest growing technologically-driven societies today, and I agree but I just couldn’t see myself being able to adjust there.

However, after meeting the Delphi representative, it gave me a glimmer of hope that maybe I had a chance as well. After the presentation, we took a tour of the facilities at Delphi. We got to see where they hold and fix their cars, run operations, and test out their equipment. It was during the tour that I learned that Delphi only works on engines. It made me wonder why the name implied something so diverse when in fact they only dealt with engines.

Later in the day, we visited AmCham, another company, which turned out to be a nonprofit. The presentation was quite lively but yet again, it was completely business oriented. It was like a large group discussion on the many aspects of the society and economy that affect companies in China. Nonetheless, the presentation was very informative, and we got to interact well with the employees who led the presentation and we got to share our opinions (although I personally had little to say).

Then came question time. For some reason it felt like everyone had saved all their questions from the entire to trip to ask at that moment. They decided they had missed all previous opportunities to ask questions and decided to make it rain. The same questions were phrased with different words, people answered questions with rebuttal questions, people bounced back and forth trying to hear different perspectives. Although the conversations were informative, it was hilarious watching people’s expressions as many were tired and didn’t fully understand the scope of the conversations (*ahem engineers).

Eventually, our coordinator got up and began our outro. Then came the iconic moment of the day.

Coordinator: (to the presenters) Thank you for your time and presentation. The only shame is that there isn’t enough time. *friendly laughter

Presenter: Oh, where are you going to next?

Coordinator: The hotel.

*awkward silence

I don’t know why but I found this hilarious. We really had to go to the hotel to prepare for our presentations but the way everything was said made it seem like we were just trying to get out of there just to get back to our hotel, even though that wasn’t the case.

I spent the rest of the day preparing with my group for our presentation, lazing around, hanging out with friends, and whiling time away.

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