Day 12: AmCham, Bunnies, and Cars

Today, we visited Delphi Technologies and AmCham, our last company visits. Delphi Technologies was a component division of GM that produce and test car engines. We met David Fan, who interestingly knows one of the professors at Pitt. Fan gave us a presentation regarding electric powered vehicles. In China, the government drove the development of new energy vehicles, so that’s why in China is ahead of the U.S. is this aspect. Because the government is pushing for a healthier environment, they are looking for new technologies and energies to change the landscape of China. The Chinese government currently requires companies to produce e-cars before they sell internal combustion cars. But since e-cars lose money, car companies develop e-cars that are cheap and ugly. Since our current e-car’s battery technology is inhibiting profit, new innovation in this field might jumpstart the e-car industry.

After the presentation, we were given a tour around Delphi labs. There were many labs for testing specific parts of the engine. It just goes to show how much emphasis Delphi puts into making sure their engines are of quality. After the lab tour, we went to lunch. There was a very good noodle and cabbage dish in what I think oyster sauce. More unique dishes that were equally as good were the chicken feet and the corn pancake. After a delicious lunch, we visited AmCham, the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. AmCham is a non-profit, non-partisan business organization that desires to enable the success of its members and strengthen U.S.-China commercial ties. They organize meetings where members can build relationships for future partnerships. They also have 20 committees that talk about industry issues, representing each member’s concerns. Furthermore, they act as a form of government advocacy, addressing issues directly to both the U.S. and Chinese governments.

During the presentation, we had discussion regarding the future of China. China plans to invest aggressively across key infrastructure sectors to support and stimulate future growth. The government’s goals are to beautify and revitalize China. “Beautiful China” reflects the people’s longing for a good life, so they will focus on ecology for example. China has another plan called One Belt One Road. Essentially, China plans to open the Silk Road once again, expanding its influence across the world. This will be largely infrastructure driven within each country China plans to expand into. I think it’s good that China has such an elaborate plan to improve the state of its country, especially trying to address the issue of pollution. As for China’s plan to expand their influence all over the world, we will have to see what happens. For dinner, I went with a group to eat with Liliana for the last time. We walked to a mall and ordered dim sum at a non-traditional restaurant. I ordered ox tripe, which is one of my favorite dim sum dishes. We also got bunny buns, buns that look like bunnies. They were very cute and delicious. When we went back to the hotel, I played a few rounds of mahjong before the second to last day of Plus3 came to a close.

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