5/10-Donuts and Church

Today, we visited a beautiful castle, Naushwanstein, near the Alps by the town, Fussen. The massive mountains towered over the spires of the castle built by the infamous moon king, a man named Ludwig II who was considered unfit to serve as the king who was also found dead in a river shortly after his diagnosis. We got up pretty early in the morning and took a nice long ride to the castle. The ride was stunning and lush with small wooden buildings dotting the otherwise unblemished countryside. We got there and hiked up a hill to the castle. Our tour wasn’t going to start for a while, so we walked above the castle and got a stunning view of the castle, the alps, and a waterfall beneath us. Unfortunately, I left my water bottle at the castle, so on our way up to the bridge with the view, I ran all the way down and back up to make sure no one took my bag. Then we hiked right back down and did some souvenir shopping and got ready to head inside.

The castle itself was stunningly beautiful. Ludwig had a strange obsession with swans and they decorated the entire house with that image. The tour was unfortunately brief, but the castle/house wasn’t all that big to begin with and it was never finished. Once we finished the tour, we took a trip to Fussen and ate lunch. I had some decent noodles there and grabbed some ice cream. On the way back, we stopped at a world famous donut shop that happened to be near the ornate and well-painted Wieskirche Church. The donuts were crispy and glazed. The bread quality here in Germany is unparalleled. I slept quite a bit on the way back but found enough energy to play some pool at night. It was a great day for appreciation of the natural and manmade beauty of Germany in its many churches.

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