Day 13: The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music

The last day of the trip. I was honestly sad to see this day come but it also ended up being probably one of the best days of the entire trip. On this day a group of us decided to travel to a whole different country for the day. Austria! A large group of us woke up early to catch the train to Munich where we would then get on another train that would be taking us to Salzburg, Austria.

The tickets for the train rides there and back all together only cost us roughly 10 euros each and to me this was such a huge surprise. Without a Pitt ID a bus ride from campus to my house (in Squirrel Hill) and back would cost $5. So, to travel to a whole new country for only 10 euros, which is $12, seemed too good to be true. But it was true, and the group of us made it to Austria by roughly noon that day. Getting there at noon meant we had six hours before we had to catch our train back to Munich at six, and at first this didn’t seem like a lot of time to do all that we wanted.

This ended up not being the case as Stephen took over as our tour guide and managed to take us to all these beautiful places within the six hours we had. We actually had visited so many places that we were left with some spare time which we used laying by the river relaxing.

Upon getting to Salzburg I had learned that this was the city that Sound of Music was filmed. Stephen turned out to be a big fan of this movie so he took us to a lot of the locations where the movie was filmed. The first place we went to was a beautiful garden which in the movie is shown to be where the children are running past as they sing the song “Do-Re-Mi”.


Another location we went to that was depicted in the movie was the cemetery. Although the film was not filmed in this cemetery, the scene when the family is attempting to escape at night was filmed on a set in Los Angeles that was designed to look exactly like this cemetery. In the background of my photo you may recognize the gates and pillars that the family hid behind in the movie to hide from the Nazi soldiers.


Aside from visiting places that were depicted in the movie the Sound of Music, we also visited other places as well. We took the steep hike up to Hohensalzburg Castle only to find that it cost quite a bit of euro to actually enter the castle. Due to us being college students and having already spent most if not all of our money on water and ice cream during the trip we decided not to enter the castle but instead went to a ledge on the edge of the fortress where we took nice photos of the city in the background.



After our photoshoot with the city behind us we continue to walk around the city and eventually we found Mozart’s house. Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria so it was interesting to see the house he grew up in.


After seeing the house, we pretty much had seen all that we wanted to so we proceeded to grab, of course, some ice cream and we ate it as we relaxed by the river until we had to return to the train station.


Overall the trip to Austria was a great relaxing way to end the program while still doing something new and exciting. The trip to Austria was also very self-rewarding, at least for me, because I was quite proud of how a group of college students managed to organize a whole trip a different country by ourselves.

With the trip to Austria over our trip to Germany coming to an end as well, and I returned to my hotel room where I spent all night shoving my souvenirs into my luggage until it fit; I was happy to soon be home, but sad to leave.

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