Reflection: These Moments will All be Stories Someday

So the trip has ended and I have been home for quite a while now. I put off writing this last blog post mainly because I knew that after I wrote it the trip would officially be over.

I continue to post pictures on my Instagram with the caption “take me back” and its true I want to go back. On the last day of the trip in terms of clean clothes and money I was ready to go home but emotionally I was not.

Heading into the trip I was nervous about going. I didn’t really know anyone who was going, I had never traveled without my family before, and I couldn’t believe that I would be spending my birthday with a group of strangers in a foreign country. I will never forget waiting to the last moment to pack and telling my mom that I no longer wanted to go because I was too nervous.

But I’m glad I went. I got to spend my birthday with a group of strangers that quickly became a group of friends in a foreign location that became my home for two weeks of my life. And I don’t think any other birthday could top that.

The trip also not only gifted me with new experiences and new friends but it also provided me with so much new information that will help me in the future. On the trip I learned a lot about German culture, and got to experience first hand how someone who is my age who lives over four thousands miles away could still live a life so similar to mine.

I got the opportunity to not only travel to one foreign country without my parents but two! And I even got to hear about other travelers experiences including a  Russian couple sitting across from me on the train to Salzburg who shared their journey with me.

Along with learning about a foreign culture with this trip I also got to learn a little bit more more about home too. Being with business students on the trip helped me to learn more about Pitt that I had ever known before. As an engineering student a lot of our classes are with fellow engineers so this program was a great opportunity for me to branch and meet other people outside my major, people who I’m now happy to call my friends.

With the trip being over I can only wait for my next study abroad experience, which I hope comes soon, but I still have with me all the stories that I probably have been oversharing the past few weeks.

Especially whenever I see a glass of water, I always feel the need to begin into a 10 minute long speech of my amazing experience that begins with “Did you know that water isn’t free in Germany? …”






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