Day 4: Okay, This is the Hat Game of Cosmic Numbers, and it Will Not Fit Through the Green Glass Door

Wednesday, May 9


Today, we visited Continental, which is a company that is best known for its rubber and tires, although we would soon find out that there is much more to the company than that! We were warmly welcomed by the company and led into a conference room that contained gift bags at every seat and drinks with glasses periodically placed along the table.

Our speaker talked to us for a while about the company and its operations, and around lunch time we were able to go up to the company Mensa to get food. Although I was not very hungry, one interesting dish that I decided to try was the apricot dumplings with a vanilla sauce, which was very tasty!

Afterwards, we were taken on a tour of the factory where they manufacture circuit boards. Before entering the facility, we were given protective gear: lab coats and grounding shoe-coverings to prevent electric shock. We were also not permitted to take electrical devices inside, i.e. our phones. The tour guides tested each of us for full insulation with a device before entering the facility.


We were guided through the manufacturing process, periodically being given circuit board pieces to pass around and look at more closely. One of the things that interested me the most about this factory tour were the autonomous robots carrying supplies between stations. If they detected an obstacle, they would pause and wait for it to move. If it didn’t, they would try to detect a way around the obstacle. Our large group had to move out of the way for a few of these robots on our tour.

After returning our protective gear and retrieving our phones from the lockers, we said our goodbyes and climbed back into the bus, where we promptly changed from our business clothes into casual outfits. At some point at the end of our tours, a few people had started telling riddles and playing trick games where only one person knows the rule and other people have to figure it out (the title of this post comes from a combination of these games), so our entire bus ride to Regensburg was spent doing these!

When we reached our destination, we walked across a bridge to the city center, where we met up with another tour guide to give us a walking tour of the city.


I would not be surprised if this winds up being my favorite city tour on this trip. Most of Regensburg was left intact after the Second World War, so much of the architecture dates back centuries! Some of these historical buildings have even been converted into student dormitories.

The final destination of our tour was Weltenburger am Dom, where we ate dinner. The dish that I ordered was Gröstl mit Spiegelei, which consisted of meat and baked potatoes topped with a fried egg. We ate outside, and were consequently able to hear St. Peter’s Church bell ringing nearby. It was a nice atmosphere!


We finished eating as the sun was beginning to go down. It was already after 8:00, and the bus ride back to Augsburg would last another two hours! Eric, Josh, Grant and I played rummy while we could still see, but when the sun fully disappeared we continued playing games and telling riddles until we finally arrived back at the hotel!

Step count: 12,495

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