5/16-Presentations Already?

When I woke up, I could hardly believe it was already the day of our presentations. I packed my bag with my presentation clothes, got breakfast, and went to the university with my group. There, we met our German students and went to Mensa for lunch. Once again, I was not sure what I was eating, but it tasted great.


After lunch, we found a quiet room and began practicing our presentation. We consistently went over, but we managed to cut it down to twenty minutes. Before we went to find where we were presenting, we all changed into our business professional outfits. We found out that we were presenting in the middle, which was not ideal, but it could have been worse.

During the first two presentations, I began to get nervous. Both were incredibly well put together, and the BMW group had a video introduction. However, I was fine by the time it was our turn. I thought our presentation went well, even if I was worried that we would run over out allotted time.

Finally, the presentations were over. I changed back into my street clothes and met my group at a pizza place across from the university. I could not believe we were already done with the presentations. It felt like we had barely spent any time in Germany, and we were already nearly finished. After eating, we said goodbye to the students and took the tram back to the hotel.

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