Difference Betwixt Home and Travel


When you’re preparing to go to another country, especially one as “exotic” as an Asian one, everyone will tell you over and over again how incredibly different it will be. These people are correct. It can be hard to adjust, and you need to relearn some things you probably take for granted, such as knowing where to find a restroom, cross a street, or use an ATM.

Regardless of where you go, however, the biggest difference betwixt living at home and travelling is that whilst at home you are more or less living on autopilot. Even if you are a spontaneous person who often tries new things you have some kind of routine, and the security of familiarity. Travelling, you have either an entirely new, or sometimes little to no routine. You are not familiar with the area, the people, the anything. Life goes from the expected to constant improvisation, and many experienced travelers will tell you that that is why they travel—not for the sights or the experiences, although those are amazing and rewarding—but rather for the constant dance of dealing with the unique challenges that come with every trip.

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