Adventure Goals


^Me entering the Củ Chi Tunnels

International travel has always been an important goal of mine. I have wanted to study abroad since before even I knew I wanted to attend college. Before I had had a kind of bucket list of countries and locations, including a lot of mainstream locations such as Paris, Germany, and Japan. Going to Vietnam I realized that the best adventures occur when you aren’t crossing things off a list. I had never imagined myself going to Vietnam, but it was the most amazing adventure I had ever had. I realized that countries and regions I had never imagined visiting provide the best and most exciting adventures, and I should focus less on making specific things happen and more on experiencing the adventures that are available.

Before visiting Vietnam, I had briefly learned about the tunnels the Viet Cong hid in during the Vietnam War. In country I got to crawl into the Củ Chi Tunnels and see firsthand—and that was definitely in my all time top ten favorite experiences. I never even knew about it! Sometimes it’s best to simply take the opportunities life gives you. My travel goals have changed from check off what we can to get out there to broaden your experience—the less anticipated the better.

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