Ciao Milan!

Hi everyone! My name is Paige Bobka and I am a current freshman in the school of Business Administration here at the University of Pittsburgh. Being in the business school has allowed me the flexibility to explore a variety of different academic disciplines and helped me shape what I want to study. I am hoping to pursue a degree in Marketing and Finance with a double minor in Economics and Psychology. I am also considering the option of a Data Analytics certificate. Professionally, I ultimately hope to one day pursue a career in the fashion industry, I either want to get involved with brand management or would love to become a buyer for retailers across the world. My interest in the fashion industry has been lifelong which is why I’m so incredibly excited to be a part of the Plus3 Italy program to Milan this May! Milan, being the epicenter of the fashion industry, is an opportunity to see what a future career in this field could hold for a young student like myself. I am particularly excited to visit the Milan fashion library and the silk factory. Not to mention travel to Verona, Venice, and Lake Como! Though I have previously travelled to Florence, I can hardly wait to see what these new destinations will offer! It will be amazing to spend an extended amount of time in a country so rich in history and culture.

Aside from the academic aspects that the Plus3 program has to offer, I cannot wait to explore the cultural that Italy as whole, and our destinations, have to offer. Milan, Verona, and Lake Como are our three destination cities and each will have so much to offer us in terms of cultural experiences. I am most excited about the food I think. Pasta and pizza and gelato galore! In one of our pre-departure meetings we learned that Italy offers over 114 differing types of pasta and I fully intend on trying as many as possible while I am abroad. I can hardly wait! While food is a huge way to explore the culture of a given destination, I am also really looking forward to seeing the architecture of the different regions we visit. Italy’s history is so long and rich and the structures of each town attest to this. I am excited to see how surroundings change from place to place. The Duomo, the canals of Venice, and Juliet’s balcony are definitely at the top of my list in terms of sights I want to see!

I am also so thrilled to be traveling with the group of students who are also participating in the program. I have really loved my time with them in pre-departure meetings and I can’t wait to get to know each of them more as our journey take us across the Atlantic. I am so thankful to have friends already with me, but even more excited to make more!

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