Buscando por las empeñadas

Hola todos, my name is Hongyou Chen and the following is an introduction about me personally, academically and professionally. I hope this will give you a better insight into my life.

To start off personally, My actual name is Hongyou but most if not all my friends and family call me Andy. This is because I started learning English at a very young age and this is the name that my had chosen for me a that time. Ever since I was little, I’ve always had the ambitions to study abroad, which is what lead me to Pitt and the United States in general. I first came to the U.S. when I was 13; at that time, I attended a catholic high school in Sacramento, CA. During the four years of my high school career, I spent two of those years living with a host family whose I had met through participating in the swim team. The other two years I lived with my cousin, who is an immigrant from China and her husband. Outside of highschool, I was a member on the water polo team as well as the swim team, I would definitely say that sports and being part of a team is a huge part of my life.

As far as my academics and professions, I’ve always had ambitions for having a career in global business consulting. Coming from a family that did not have many opportunities growing up, I am very grateful and excited for what I can create for my friends and family in the future. Academically, I plan to major in Business Information systems with a certificate in Business Analytics. After graduation, I hope to possibly continue working in the U.S. or finding a future for myself in China would be amazing as well.

Ultimately however, the thing that I am most excited about currently is going on the Plus3 trip to Buenos Aires. Growing up in a bilingual family, I developed an ever-burning passion for languages all over the world. I started learning English since the age of 5 and I started learning Spanish when I first came to California. On a communications perspective, I believe going to Argentina will be a phenomenal opportunity that I will have as this will be the first time I spend an extended amount of time in a Spanish speaking country. I am anxious to interact with the locals to get a better understanding of the Latin American culture and get a better grasp on the Argentinian form of Spanish as well as it it said to be unique from the others. In addition, I hope to gain an insider’s perspective on Argentina’s health care system. I believe the operations of the healthcare system is superbly essential in any economy as it should directly reflect the change of the quality of life in that particular country or region. Most importantly, I hope to be able to apprehend the methods to an efficient and beneficial health care system that is applicable globally.

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