Day 2: When in Eataly..

Ciao friends!

This is our second day in Milan, and slowly but surely I’ve been immersing myself into Italian culture. I can definitely say I’m loving every second of it, although sadly my bank account and waistline are not.

Today we got our first real look at Italian culture and Milan itself with a class about speaking basic Italian and then by visiting Milan’s Piazza Duomo. The class was really informational. We learned a lot about basic conversation and this knowledge was put to use later when I went out to eat. After our culture class, we went to tour the city. We walked to the Piazza to see some more of the city, and along the way got gelato. Like everything else I’ve eaten, it was incredible. I’ve noticed there are a lot of gelato places, Italians seem to love their gelato almost as much as Americans love their ice cream. I prefer gelato though…

While walking to the Piazza, we saw some incredible modern Italian architecture which included housing developments, stores, restaurants and office buildings alike. There was also a mix of old Italy too, with its bright yellows and pinks, it was a collage of history, modern architecture and beauty. But nothing compared to the beauty of the Galleria and walking into the center plaza. Milan isn’t very crowded from what I’ve experienced so far, but the Piazza was filled of people. It was almost American-like, with the diversity of all different kinds of people. The center of everything was a cathedral, and in all Christian cities the religious building should always serve as the tallest building in the city, Milan of course followed this code. After the tour we wrapped up the day with a little bit of shopping in the Galleria and then a short metro ride back to the hotel. It was an adventure of a day. But I’m still not recovered from jet lag and all that exploring has left me completely exhausted. Signing off for now, tomorrow we tour an Italian university, hopefully I can put my new Italian to use!

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